The Funkhaus Berlin, central broadcasting station of the GDR state radio and television and one of the magnificent architectural landmarks of East Berlin, became world-famous for its unique acoustics after the German reunification. From September 9th through 16th 2017 with ”Silent Empire,“ the so-called Sound Chamber is now being evoked as an exhibition site.

Curated by Janine Eggert and Sibylle Jazra the group show with more than 20 international, emerging and established artists ”Silent Empire“ will turn this architectural dark side of the Funkhaus into a parallel universe 

The Sound Chamber, the ”backside“ of the two large recording halls is a puzzling concrete vault. It does not meet at first sight what is necessary for the presentation of works of art. Even more so in its gray monumentality, its dusty bareness and sparse lighting, it seems to be the seemingly unadorned counterpart to the sumptuous and prestigious facades of the Fifties style complex with its marble-clad foyer.

Taking up their previous exhibition project ”Arcadia Unbound“, that rediscovered the Funkhaus Berlin as a center for the arts, the two artists and curators Janine Eggert and Sibylle Jazra selected this extraordinary location. The Sound Chamber as a ”negative space“, which has not been made to be seen by the public, will now be inhabited by selected artistic works.

Interactions between the atmosphere of the location on the one hand, and the materiality and expressiveness of the art works on the other, are created which make space appear as a sort of dynamic fabric. Through the ”being“ of the works, through their temporary presence, the exhibition space will be constituted as a landscape through which the visitors can wander.  The title “Silent Empire“ is a poetic reference to this hidden and mysterious realm. Designed as a functional necessity to create the acoustics of the large recording halls, the Sound chamber now emerges from the shadows of the pompous 1950s architecture through this exhibition. 

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